An Orlando Vacation Villa in Windsor Hills Resort: The Ideal Disney Florida Holiday

Author: Mark Whichard

An Orlando vacation villa offers the ideal Disney Florida holiday, particularly if it is situated in the magnificent Windsor Hills resort. Have you any idea just how luxurious these vacations in Orlando are? If you are still using hotels for your Disney holidays in Florida, then obviously not!

Nobody that has spent their vacation in one of these villas, especially in Windsor Hills resort, could ever use a hotel again. It's not only the cost, and we shall come back to that later, but mainly the sheer ambience, luxury and quiet that you get, and what more can you want on an Orlando vacation except perhaps the fun and entertainment for which any Orlando resort is famed.

Let's have a look at three distinctly different groups of people (you likely fit into one of them), and how they can enjoy a Disney Florida holiday using an Orlando vacation villa as their home base. Even if you can't identify with one of these, you will be close, I promise you.

1. The Small Family

The difference between a small and a large family is all relative of course (Ha! Ha!), but let's assume a small family comprises two partners and their two children - a boy and a girl aged about 12 - 15 or so. Had they booked a hotel, they would have had to have three rooms - kids of that age and different genders cannot share a room. This is a common situation, so you have, say, 3 hotel rooms in Orlando for 7 days, 6 nights.

I won't even estimate the prices of the hotel rooms, although a four-bedroom villa will cost less than $190 in high season. That sleeps 6, so even if your kids bring their friends, there's more than enough room. Three bathrooms, 4 TVs and 3 DVD players, and a PS2. You also get your own kitchen, so no having to pay for room service for a burger at the end of the night. If you aren't bothered about your kids' friends, get a 4 -bed condo for only $125 a night.

Thinks of these prices, and that's the last I will say about it. At $145, that's less than $50 per room, and at $125, it comes to exactly $31.25 each. You can get your own pool for $55 total extra for the week.

2. The Large Family

If you are on vacation with a large family - perhaps several children and some aunts and uncles, the price for a 6 bedroom Orlando vacation villa in the Windsor Hills resort comes to $24.50 each for a party of 10 in mid-summer. That gives you the ideal Disney Florida holiday in a luxury villa for less the price of a cabin or trailer/caravan.

3. The Golfers

The third group is the golfing buddies. They are not so much interested in Disney World Florida, but they will be in the Windsor Hills resort with all its sporting facilities, video rental and store. You can enjoy your day on the golf course, and then get back to your villa with a few beers from the supermarket (no hotel bar prices), rustle up a few burgers or hot dogs without paying room service, and sit by your pool enjoying a great evening. Maybe hire a video and watch that on your 50+ inch flat screen TV.

The one thing in common with each of these groups is that there is more than enough sleeping accommodation, you have a private pool, but best of all, you have your own kitchen, freezer, dishwasher and clothes washer/dryer. Saves you a fortune over hotels, and when you add to that the benefits of the resort then it's a no-brainer for your Disney Florida holiday.

The vast majority of people that have tried an Orlando vacation villa have never gone back to a hotel, cabin or anything else, and when that has been situated within the bounds of the Windsor Hills resort, only 5 minutes from Disney - easy walking distance - with all that the resort has to offer, then they have unanimously declared it sheer perfection as accommodation for their Disney vacation. They also question the ultra-low price when they first see it, but the reason is very obvious once explained.

No restaurant and staff, no daily cleaners, no waiters, bellhops, reception staff, bar staff, captains, laundry or anybody else needed to run a good hotel. No lights on all day or anything else needed by guests. It's just like home: sure, you have to clean up, but you can pay extra to have it done for you. However, don't judge your Orlando vacation villa just by comparing it to a hotel.

These villas are just like home, with separate bedrooms, some have games rooms and you also have a kitchen and lounge, with plenty entertainment units such as a games console, TVs, VCRs DVD players, some have Bose radios and all the rest that turns just a villa into a luxury villa.

If you intend having a Disney Florida holiday next year, book an Orlando vacation villa, and if you can get one in the Windsor Hills resort, then so much the better. See you there!

About the Author:
Mark Whichard writes frequently about Orlando Tourism. He is the proprietor of Orlando's Finest Vacation Home and if you are interested in great deals on Quality Orlando villa Rentals and rental homes near Disney World, then visit his website: http://www.qualityvillarentals.com
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