Tips For Traverlers with Young Children

Whether or not you have been to Orlando before, young kids love the penny press machines scattered all over Disney and Universal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, penny presses are machines, some manual (which are more fun) and some automatic, that literally press a penny with an impression when a penny and two quarters are inserted. Every machine features impressions of different characters and poses, usually the ones prominent in that particular part of the park. Near the Buzz Lightyear ride, you may find a machine with Buzz and Woody.

Kids love to collect them all and make a mad dash for them whenever they spot one. Both Disney and Universal sell inexpensive collector's books that are small, sturdy and waterproof for around $8 US that have a place to display every one found in the parks. It's like a scavenger hunt for the younger set and is relatively inexpensive on-going fun. Make sure you bring a Ziplock bag full of "shiny" pennies and quarters at a ratio of 1:2. You can add more on each subsequent trip and they make a great Show & Tell when back at school!

We also recommend buying an inexpensive fanny pack, which can be found at any bargain store on Highway 192 for a few dollars, so your children can hold onto their own Ziplocks of coins and collector's book.


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